Eric Udlis

Madison, Wisconsin ยท

I am a junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences.


Research Computing Facilitation Assistant

Wisconsin Center for High Throughput Computing

Develop programs using Python and Bash to filter user data, detect trends, and automate manual tasks Utilize Jupyter Notebook & MatplotLib to create reports on data trends Write and maintain documentation for tools & software products Collaborate with researchers to create user facing materials & optimize workflow

October 2018 - Present

Software Team Lead


Run the Software Team on UW - Madison's entry in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. Led a team of 5-10 undergraduate developers through hosted workshops and manage projects shown below.

October 2018 - Present

Fondy Volunteers Website Manager

Fond du Lac Area United Way

Maintain a GetConnected Volunteer Management System Gather and report on volunteer data with custom Excel scripts Write custom HTML and CSS modules to keep website updated with latest information Communicate with volunteers and agency partners to create media for marketing and donation campaigns

Janurary 2020 - Present

K-12 Robotics Instructor

Moraine Park Technical College

Led daily classes for middle school students, teaching skills including engineering, teamwork, and programming. Created a curriculum, daily lesson plans, and activities for 10 different lessons Sourced robot kits and created own materials using 3D printing and laser cutting

August 2019

Office Intern

Fond du Lac Area United Way

Developed and maintained organization website and online volunteer portal Interacted with agency and corporate partners including delivering presentations and participated in radio interviews Windows Server 2016 maintenance including Active Directory Management and Samba Shares Performed hardware upgrades on company computers including hard drive, ram, and motherboard replacements

May 2019 - August 2019


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Bachelor of Science
B.S. Computer Engineering & Computer Science

GPA: 3.24

September 2018 - December 2022 (Expected)


Programming Languages & Tools
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Node.JS
  • Node Package Manager
  • Java
  • GitHub
  • Python
Other Technologies
  • Linux
  • Electron
  • MongoDB & Diskdb
  • Autodesk Inventor & Fusion 360
  • GitLabs CI/CD
  • Pandas & Numpy


Away from the computer I enjoy competitively swimming and cycling.

In my free time I work on various hardware projects and compete with the UW- Madison Badgerloop Team


In my free time, I like to work on various software projects, these are my most notable ones
Click on any card to go to the GitHub project page (if applicable). All my projects and contributions to open source software can be found on my GitHub Page here!

Easy Eval

Developed for the Fond du Lac High School Busisness Department, Easy Eval is an efficient way for students to rate group member contribution to group projects to ensure fair grading.

Magic Mirror

Based off of the design from MichMich on GitHub my particular magic mirror was created using an old HP monitor and a one-way mirror placed in front of it. Under the hood, it runs a Raspberry Pi 3 using electrion to host a webpage and utilizing modules written in javascrip

Badgerloop Bill of Materials

Designed for the UW - Madison Hyperloop Competition Team, Badgerloop, this web-app serves as the purchase requesting, approval, and ordering hub for almost $50,000 worth of purchases a year. On the back end it runs a written from scratch express server using Slack OAuth authentication and SlackBot integration to deliver a front-end written in handlebars

Badgerloop Pod Dashboard

Designed for the UW - Madison Hyperloop Competition Team, Badgerloop. This Electron app serves as the Pod Operator's Dashboard It receives and displays telemetry data from the pod in both tables and graphs. Allows the user to control the internal state machine. Send commands to the pod through a GUI or an integrated terminal. Export run data into Excel or Matlab. Or re-import them back into the dashboard.

Badgerloop Hardware in the Loop Testing Rig

Also developed during my role as Software lead at Badgerloop, this testing rig is designed to get hardware tests to the programmers as fast as possible. Using a CI/CD pipeline on a locally hosted GitLabs server, this rig will automatically build our development repository onto our onboard computers, 2 BeagleBone Blacks. Turn on a remote power supply over SCPI and run the specified tests. These tests will run on updates to the development repository, then report the results over Box file sharing.

Awards & Certifications